Hyas 2.0

September 1, 2023

Hyas 2.0

Henk Verlinde Henk Verlinde — Product

We are thrilled to announce Hyas v2.0 — a code restructuring release, making Hyas more robust and flexible.

Hyas’ code base is now fully modularized. Main functionalities — for example Images and SEO — are now available as separate Hyas integrations, making them easier to maintain and update. The restructured Hyas makes it easier to build any website you want.

“Hyas is a web framework designed for speed, security, and SEO — all powered by Hugo and npm.”

Key features

  • Hugo powered: Fast website build times and flexible project organization.
  • Fully npm managed: Straightforward and easy dependency management.
  • Production-ready: Optimized for speed, SEO, and security.
  • Customizable: Tailwind, Images, and other integrations to choose from.
  • Development tools: Find and fix problems in scripts, styles, and markdown.
  • Deploy anywhere: Deployment guides to different deployment services.

Check out our detailed Why Hyas breakdown to learn more about what makes Hyas special.

Get started

Hyas 2.0 is available now on npm. Visit new.gethyas.com to try out Hyas 2.0 in your browser, or run the following command in your terminal to get started with a new project:

Upgrading an existing project to Hyas 2.0? Check out the v2.0 Upgrade Guide.

New website

To celebrate Hyas v2.0, we kicked off a brand-new redesign of our website: gethyas.com

Screenshot homepage gethyas.com

The new website tells our story better, with a fresh can of paint and a focus on content, performance, and community.


This release wouldn’t have been possible without the effort of the amazing open source community. Thank you, everyone.

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