Hyas 2.0

September 1, 2023

Hyas 2.0

Henk Verlinde Henk Verlinde — Product

Introducing Hyas 2.0!

Hyas 2.0 is a restructure release, making Hyas more robust, reliable, and flexible. Hyas is a Node.js web framework for building fast, security-focused websites.

Why choose Hyas over another web framework? Here are five core design principles to help explain why we built Hyas, the problems that it exists to solve, and why Hyas may be the best choice for your project or team.

Hyas is…

  • Fast by default: It should be impossible to build a slow website with Hyas.
  • Security focused: Your website should keep up with the latest in web security standards.
  • Robust and reliable: Your website should follow best practices for building web apps.
  • Easy to use: You don’t need to be an expert to build something with Hyas.
  • Fully-featured, but flexible: A growing number of Hyas integrations to choose from.

Check out our detailed Why Hyas breakdown to learn more about what makes Hyas special.

Hyas 2.0 is available now on npm. Visit start.gethyas.com to try out Hyas 2.0 in your browser, or run the following command in your terminal to get started in a new project:

npm create hyas@latest

Upgrading an existing project to Hyas 2.0? Check out the v2.0 Upgrade Guide for full details and individual upgrade guidance for each change.

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