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Norrsken is a simple blog theme, designed to be an archive for all your digital things.

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Norrsken is designed by Anders Norén, a Swedish designer and developer, and built by Henk Verlinde, the creator of Hyas and Doks.

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Clean design

Norrsken's design is inspired by the aurora borealis — with white text on a dark background and colorful gradient accents.

High readability

The monospace typeface — Geist Mono — gives it both good readability and a unique style.

Flexible setup

Make Norrsken exactly how you want it — easily switch features on/off, change fonts and colors, and more.

Super fast

Norrsken is built to be lightweight. It includes only a few kilobytes of CSS, a single variable font file, and no Javascript.

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With Norrsken you get a beautiful blog theme that is fast and lightweight, optimized for search engines, and easily customizable.

Get integrations

Norrsken includes the Images, SEO, and Inline SVG integrations for Hyas — easy to set up and easy to use.

Deploy anywhere

Deploy your Norrsken site where you want — guides for Netlify, Vercel, GitHub Pages, and more.

Learn in our docs

Our docs are the best place to learn, troubleshoot, and explore Norrsken — how to guides and more.

Join our community

Get support, get involved, and join our Norrsken community — it all happens on Discussions.

Norrsken ships mid-2024

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